Here is how we collaborate with you!

  1. Create a PaperGrid account and create a new job

    This is to facilitate file delivery

  2. Tell us exactly what outcome you need with your reports

    Be specific with your request so that we do not get burried in e-mails

  3. We confirm if we can help you

    We will send you an invoice for the job with estimated timelines.

  4. See our pledge and review our terms and conditions.

    Our Pledge of confidentiality and quality.

  5. Upload your spreadsheet

  6. We send you a snapshot of result before the deadline.

    You give us feedback here and we modify the result.

  7. We confirm receipt of fee and make output available for download.


Happy Clients

Here is what a few of our many clients think about us.

“PaperGrid helped me sort out projections i needed to submit a proposal. I met my deadlines with ease. ”

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“I was under pressure to analyze a lot of data collected from my research. PaperGrid automated my analysis and I got my reults quickly.”

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“I messed up my reporting template at the 11th hour, luckily, PaperGrid was on hand to help me correct it quickly. They are very quick with their responses.”

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“I needed to design projections for my business idea. PaperGrid guided me to develop one for a small fee.”

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