Frequently Asked Questions
+What type of reports can I get help for?

Our experts have a varying degree of knowledge in many report formats but we prioritize Microsoft Excel and other open source spreadsheets such as Open Office. Feel free to request assistance for other report types. We will assess them and give you feedback.

+Is my report too small for your consideration?

No! We consider every request as a challenge and we will do our best to assist you. Our charges depend on the effort and time we spend helping you.

+Are my documents safe?

Our website is secured and we know the value of information. We will keep your documents safe and confidential. We often recommend that our clients use random information so that the risk is minimized. We will not illegally share your documents with third parties and we do not store documents you have deleted on our servers.

+What happens if I cannot meet a consultant face to face?

We are young, versatile and eager to help you. We will use technology to get the best out of your request.

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