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What We Do

We are here to help you through your most daunting spreadsheet tasks. We love data and we are happy when we help you make it meaningful and easy.

Formula Auditing

We can help review issues with your current spreadsheet formula and propose alternatives. We can also help you link your sheets together.

Large Data Work

Summarizing large data requires attention and meticulous work. We can help you summarize and make meaning of your data through dashboards.

Report Optimization

Spreadsheets kept for a long time can spiral out of control and become impossible to open or manage. Lots of reports lack consitency we can analyze and make meaningful recommendations.

Report Design

Based on your needs, we can help you design and implement good reports.

Report Automation

Let us link your workbooks together and add controls to them. Your job should be strategic and non-repetitive.

Other reports

We are not limited to only spreadsheets. We can help you organize your Word processing reports, Slideshows and other Business Intelligence reports

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